Sliver of Sky by Ludovic Ondiviela Review

Darkness. Loud noises. No escape. It is incredible to think that in this day and age there are still men, women and even children who are going through the physical and emotional abuse of living in solitary confinement. Some of them with no hope of ever seeing a glimpse of… View Post

He Says: ROH Giselle Review 01/04/2016

Just as I kept repeating this to my friend Elena, I feel that I need to start with… So…Giselle… As we all know Giselle is the quintessential Romantic ballet which can be found in almost every ballet company’s classic repertoire. The story goes that peasant girl meets rich boy and… View Post

Ballet Character Focus: Myrtha, Queen of the Wilis

Giselle is the quintessential Romantic ballet and is found in ballet company repertories across the world in some form or another. From the traditional productions, to reworked modern takes, it has captivated ballet audiences since it’s triumphant debut all the way back in 1841. The life and death of titular character Giselle is… View Post

Pas de Blog Exclusive: Interview with Celisa Diuana

Celisa Diuana has a reputation among her dance students as being a ray of sunshine, her genuine affection and passion for teaching inspiring her students to work hard and stretch their technique while she gives out gentle corrections and praise. It’s impossible to walk out of the studio and not… View Post