About Pas de blog

Pas de Blog is simply a blog written by two passionate ballet fans for other ballet fans out there to enjoy, and hopefully give them a glimpse into the world of ballet. Why do we spend our free time writing about ballet? The best way to answer it is with the following quote:

The essence of all art is to have pleasure in giving pleasure.
-Mikhail Baryshnikov-

As two friends who go to the ballet regularly for fun, we became so tired of hearing the opinion of “how fancy” ballet was from our friends and family. We both firmly believe that ballet doesn’t have to be “fancy”, and while we respect it is an incredible art form developed over hundreds of years, and usually performed in historic and occasionally gold gilded opera houses, it is an art form that lends itself to being accessible to all.

Thanks to social media, the ballet world is easier to keep up with than ever. Following dancers, choreographers, and seeing their tweets and photos gives the public not only a sneak peak beyond the stage into the elusive and tight-knit worldwide ballet community but also some insight into the dancers personalities beyond their characters and on stage personas. To us, this access makes ballet seem less intimidating and mysterious, while allowing us to further appreciate this incredible art as we see some of the true hard work going on behind the scenes to make ballet possible.

So forget what the mainstream media taught you, we promise ballet is less Black Swan and more La Fille mal gardée.  However, be warned; once you start taking ballet class, we all do have an inner prima ballerina ready to come out.

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andre pas de blog

In 2009 Andre went to see his first ballet, The Nutcracker at the Lincoln Center in NYC, which led him to the question – why not do ballet? Last year he  finally built up the courage to start taking  classes. One year later he has found a new passion and new friends to share it with – now he is opening up to the world. However, he is still haunted by the sheer thought of doing a pirouette.

Favourite full-length ballet: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Favourite short ballet: Balanchine’s  The Four Temperaments.

Dream pas de deux partner: Julie Kent aka The Kathleen Donahue.

Ballet class goal: To become the first male Giselle and take the crown from ballerinas who have portrayed the character. Also do full a pirouette without falling.

Contact: andre@pasdeblog.com


morgan pas de blogOriginally from the US, she has lived in the UK permanently since 2011. She has been taking ballet classes since 2013, and is still very much an absolute beginner. Her dream is to get en pointe before she is 30. The first ballet she saw was the Royal Ballet’s production of Giselle with Marianela Nunez and Thiago Soares, and she has never looked back.

Favourite full-length ballet: Manon.

Favourite short ballet: Within the Golden Hour

Dream pas de deux partner: Sergei Polunin

Ballet class goal: To learn to bourre, so she can use it get away from every situation, like Juliet when confronted by Paris in MacMillan’s Romeo and Juliet.

Contact: morgan@pasdeblog.com