Cool Down Friday: Weekly Ballet Social Media Roundup 28 November – 4 December

Sander Blommaert, Luca Acri, Leo Dixon, Téo Dubreuil, Benjamin Ella and David Yudes in Valentino Zucchetti's Alpha, The Royal Ballet's Draft Works, 2015 © 2015 ROH. Photograph by Andrej Uspenski

This week, to change things up, Morgan has challenged me to do the weekly ballet social media round up. With so many things happening, I hope I made it justice. From celebrations to leavers and shade being thrown left and right, I feel there is quite a good mix for your entertainment. Now let’s cut my random ramblings and let’s get the down to business.

10. Oh James Whiteside you know your audience so well. Now now, we are not thirsting about how little he leaves to our imagination – he actually is a good dancer. When you have a minute, you need to checkout his music videos.

#SteamyWindows by @nisian #Ballet #Ballerino #MaleDancer #Nude #Naked #Shower #Anatomy #NisianHughes

A photo posted by James Whiteside (@jamesbwhiteside) on


9. Taking a break from all Nutcracker ballet news around the world, we see some companies rehearsing their repertoire for 2016. Here is ENB’s Junior Soloist Katja Khaniukova rehearsing for Le Corsaire. How many fouettes can you spot?


8. Julian Mackay may have ignored our challenge for a dance off at the stage door, but we love his videos showing what he got to offer. We will say it first, star in the making.


7. We love Tristan Dyer (and his shoe collection) & we love Yasmine Naghdi, so it makes perfect sense to include this effortless lift. I mean, just look at them!

@yazzynn #royalballet #ballet A photo posted by @tristandyer on


6. We get it, you want people to see your show but there is a point that your tweets seem too desperate. The people handling @FleshandBonesSTZ have been working overtime contacting everyone involved in the ballet world so they watch their show. One victim was Roberto Bolle, who was sharing another shirtless pic of the day, and boom out of the blue they went with the show’s promotion. What they didn’t expect was one of the stars of the show telling them off to cut it out.


5. From bad social media marketing we go to probably the best strategy I have seen from any ballet company. The Birmingham Royal Ballet raised the bar when they tweeted a personalised thank you note to everyone who attented their performance. Well played @BRB, well played.


4. Morgan and I put a lot of work on this blog (still a work in progress, we know!) so we celebrate all the likes, retweets, follows, and feedback – no matter who you are. This week we felt honoured that Valentino Zucchetti retweeted Morgan’s Royal Ballet’s MacMillan Romeo and Juliet 2015 Season 


3. Although we are not familiar with James Wilkie’s work inside the company, it still makes us sad that another member is leaving. On the brightside we get precious gems like this where we get to see the camaraderie between dancers proving once again that the world of ballet is not what Black Swan and Flesh & Bones portray. Also we love Nicol Edmonds’ blue steel in the background *sigh*

James Wilkie has left the house! Farewell Jambo x #leavingparty #jameswilkie #royalballet A photo posted by Olivia Grace Cowley (@missoliviac) on


2. Happy Birthday Audrey! We love and admire Steven McRae so much (Morgan is the no.1 fan of his instagram), but when he talks about his family and his devotion to his beautiful daughter our hearts simply melt.



1. The match of the week – Gartside vs Heap. On Wednesday our amazing sometimes-teacher-torturer Bennet Gartside needed some inspiration before ballet class. If only there was a muse out there?

My #warmup before #balletclass ! No #motivation whatsoever #inspireme A photo posted by Bennet Gartside (@benngartside) on

Feeling a little bit charitable, here comes Tierney Heap with a few inspirational words for our uninspired ballerino. We love some ballet camaraderie… oh wait…

@benngartside here’s some inspiration for you ☺️ 😹 get warming up! #royalballet #royaloperahouse

A photo posted by Tierney Heap (@tierneyheap) on

  Tierney seemed to have unleashed the Bennet’s inner Tybalt for one last time this season! Now we are left with several questions like: What will Heap’s next move be? Did Bennet end up warming up for ballet class? Will this collection of selfies be considered a selfinception? WE NEED TO KNOW!

Up yours Tee!! 😉 A photo posted by Bennet Gartside (@benngartside) on


Featured Image: Valentino Zucchetti’s Alpha, The Royal Ballet’s Draft Works, 2015 © 2015 ROH. Photograph by Andrej Uspenski




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