He Says: ROH Giselle Review 01/04/2016

Just as I kept repeating this to my friend Elena, I feel that I need to start with… So…Giselle… As we all know Giselle is the quintessential Romantic ballet which can be found in almost every ballet company’s classic repertoire. The story goes that peasant girl meets rich boy and… View Post

She Says: ROH Wheeldon Mixed bill 12/02/2016

Christopher Wheeldon is arguably one of the brightest international stars the Royal Ballet has produced recently, and he is now one of the most in demand choreographers in the world.  Most recently his wildly successful musical An American in Paris won multiple Tony awards including Best Choreography, and in addition to being the current Royal Ballet… View Post

She Says: The Royal Ballet – The Nutcracker 8/12/2015

The festive season sometimes loses it’s shine, which isn’t surprising considering all the office parties, secret Santa joke gifts to be bought, and the rising cost of travel to go home for the holidays. It’s hard not to bah humbug your way through December. The Royal Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker… View Post