Sliver of Sky by Ludovic Ondiviela Review

Darkness. Loud noises. No escape. It is incredible to think that in this day and age there are still men, women and even children who are going through the physical and emotional abuse of living in solitary confinement. Some of them with no hope of ever seeing a glimpse of… View Post

Film Review: Bolshoi Babylon

The Bolshoi is a ballet company with a worldwide reputation for producing undeniably dramatic performances with a focus on big jumps and exquisite dramatic dancing. Ballet is an art form that is close to Russia’s heart as a country. Historically Russia has used ballet as an ambassador for their nation, sending their ballet… View Post

Matthew Bourne: New Adventures Sleeping Beauty Review – Sadler’s Wells 3/12/2015

It’s time for me to scandalise our readers by admitting that the classic Petipa/Tchaikovsky Sleeping Beauty ballet is not my favourite. Before everyone closes the website window out of disgust, I want to clarify that I do understand it’s importance in the ballet repertory, and appreciate it’s classical technical difficulties; from the famous Rose Adagio through the… View Post

Tv Recap: Flesh and Bone, Season 1 Episode 2 “Cannon Fodder”

This week’s episode of Flesh and Bone sees the show sliding firmly into the adult melodrama category, so let’s get right into things. The episode opens with our ballerina heroine Claire’s brother Bryan figuring out where his sister has run away to by literally putting two and two together; the… View Post