Cool Down Friday: Weekly Social Media Roundup – Carlos Acosta Curtain Call Edition

Carlos Acosta © ROH, 2015.

Last night was Royal Ballet Guest Principal Carlos Acosta’s last show as a member of the company after 17 years. It went out live to cinemas around the world, allowing everyone who couldn’t be in the Royal Opera House to share this special moment with Carlos and the comapny. We saw so many amazing photos of dancers with Carlos, and his curtain call, that we decided to hijack Cool Down Friday and turn it into a Carlos Acosta roundup of his special night.

10. Carlos Acosta himself tweets about his final performance.

9. Royal Ballet principals Steven McRae, Thiago Soares and Lauren Cuthbertson watch from the wings and support their fellow dancer Carlos Acosta dances on the Covent Garden stage for the final time as a member of the Royal Ballet.

8. The entire company capturing Carlos’s special moment.

Now THAT was a curtain call. #rohcarmenmixed

A photo posted by Sazzle_McDazzle (@sazzle_mcdazzle) on

7. From the official Royal Opera House twitter, a lovely photo of Carlos during the flower throw.

6. Marcelino Sambé with a touching story about how much Carlos inspired him as a young dancer.

5. Meaghan Grace Hinkis captures a really fantastic moment of Carlos during his final curtain call.

4. Love from the company ballerinas after the curtain call, courtesy of Anna Rose O’Sullivan’s insta.

3. Francesca Hayward captures Carlos saying goodbye to his adoring audience.

Saying thank you to a legend. Carlos we salute you.   A photo posted by frankie hayward (@frankiegoestohayward) on


2. Olivia Cowley captures a truly touching moment during the curtain call with Carlos and his young daughter.

Carlos Acosta! #royalballet #royaloperahouse #carlosacosta #rohcarmen #legend #curtaincall   A photo posted by Olivia Grace Cowley (@missoliviac) on

1. Bennet Gartside captures a really touching video of Carlos Acosta’s curtain call. Listen to those cheers!

That’s the moment. A video posted by Bennet Gartside (@benngartside) on

Featured Image: © ROH, 2015 Twitter Account




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