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Welcome to Pas De Blog, a new ballet blog which aims to share all things ballet including DVD reviews, fun features you won’t find anywhere else, and of course the latest news in the ballet world. Located in London we are mainly RB and ENB  focused, but will do our best to include coverage on many ballet companies from around the world.

Run by two friends, the idea behind Pas De Blog is to share all things ballet, but with a twist. As two friends who go to the ballet regularly for fun, we became so tired of hearing the opinion of “how fancy” ballet was from our friends and family. We both firmly believe that ballet doesn’t have to be “fancy”, and while we respect it is an incredible art form developed over hundreds of years, and usually performed in historic and occasionally gold gilded opera houses, it is an art form that lends itself to being accessible to all.

We also suspect the people behind the finished product of most ballets ranging from the dancers to the choreographers are hard working, fun, and are probably up for a laugh. Thanks to social media, the ballet world is easier to keep up with then ever. Following dancers, choreographers, and seeing their tweets and photos gives the public not only a sneak peak beyond the stage into the elusive and tight-knit worldwide ballet community but also some insight into the dancers personalities beyond their characters and on stage personas. To us, this access makes ballet seem less intimidating and mysterious, while allowing us to further appreciate this incredible art as we see some of the true hard work going on behind the scenes to make ballet possible.

We hope you enjoy the blog, and please make sure to check out our instagram and twitter accounts as we are constantly going to see ballets around London and while we are abroad in Europe.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with us.

Morgan and Andre




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