The Royal Opera House Seating – The right is wrong!

A night out at the Royal Opera House is not only about seeing your favourite ballet or opera; you want to make it memorable one by getting food, drinks, and take unlimited selfies – we are guilty of all of them. I recently realised how important it is where you sit. You see the Royal Opera House seating arrangement offers you a selection of different experiences. I have been on the amphitheatre, stalls circle, and finally made my way to the orchestra stalls, with each one of them being different experience. However, they did have one thing in common, coincidentally all of them where on the left side of the auditorium.

Hear me now people – right is wrong!

On my last visit I went with two friends to see Romeo and Juliet – starring the lovely Iana Salenko and the dashing Steven McRae. Our seats were great! Close enough to see their facial expressions, but far enough to enjoy the bigger picture. Everything was perfect until the first intermission came…

In summary, the girls went to the toilet and then we headed to the bar. In less than 10 minutes we had to finish our olives, down our drinks, and grand jeté to the other side back to our seats.


Uh-oh time is running out

If my calculations don’t fail me, it was 10 minutes for the toilet, 3 minutes to order, 5 minutes to walk back to our seats, which leaves us 2 minutes to finish everything. I have never downed champagne before that night and it is something I do not want to repeat. Also it is worth mentioning that one of the girls is pregnant.


Let’s go to the bar!

For the second intermission I had a backup plan. We went up the stairs to the amphitheatre bar and then to the balcony. Everything was going smoothly until we were trapped in the human stampede made up of the amphitheatre crowd. This time we decided to avoid the food, but again there was no choice than to down our drinks and run like the wind every time that dreadful bell chimed.

So in summary, why the right is wrong? If you are a slow walker it is quite the treck to the Paul Hamlyn Hall, you will have to fight the crowds sitting on the centre and left side of the auditorium, the only toilets available are upstairs (however they are always empty), and finally… curtain calls are on the left side!

Am I exaggerating? Possibly. However, to prevent downing any champagne flutes in the future, I’ll start following Beyonce’s advice.





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