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I have gotten not one but two vehicles from Carmart. Customer service is very poor and car mart magnolia ar today I spoke to a manager just to be told "Sorry, we will put it back in the shop"! Tomorrow I will call again and see if they can tell me where the car is.

Car-Mart February Blowout!

Now we was no longer living in Arkansas but living in Dallas, and the two closest Car-Mart are both about an hour drive away. Posts About America's Car-Mart. He agreed to meet me at local location so that I could show him videos of incidents, police reports and repair costs. Stay away from these thug want-a-be's.

America's Car-Mart

They need to be shut down. It was for me, and it could be for you too. After not answering the calls they came to my job and reminded me. July 27, I purchased my vehicle in Farmington Missouri. Will not try to fix problems. This was one of my favorite jobs. I was humiliated to the point where I drove the car to them. Have never been late with a payment until my uncle passed away and had to help my grandmother with funeral cost.

If I had my way, I would gather people together and file a class action lawsuit. Really great staff to work with. They paint an awesome picture car mart magnolia ar make very large bitterroot flower shop that will never be delivered upon. By the time police arrived Carmart of Macon had already had a convenient story that I owned a gun and was armed and dangerous and this was necessary. Great place to work period!!!!!! Fell behind in payments and driving home one day 2 Carmart cars with Carmart tags chased car mart magnolia ar down interstate. While i can say that I did enjoy my job and working with and helping customers and employees be successful. He did not rush us to buy. I hopefully wanted a good reliable vehicle that got good gas mileage and would get me back and forth to work. I have had my car for 15 months.

Police investigating but losing thousands. So I contacted corporate yet again and was promised that repossession would stop and someone would contact me. I went to a different car lot and explained my situation and was financed a way better car.

Arkansas Car Mart

Thanks Keep an eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news is on it's way! I immediately called CarMart. Same excuse from manager.

Name Your Down Payment @ Car-Mart

The monthly managers meetings are usually fun and informative. First thing that happened was I selected a Chevy Malibu from the lot. Not reliable or dependable at all. What's next, if I'm a day late they will put a hit on myself or my wife?


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