Bird Of Paradise Plant Care


Just be sure to take the stems all the way down as close to the base of the plant as you can. I need to know how to keep it under control. What could be the problem?

Bird Of Paradise Indoor Plant - Things To Know Before Buying

I would love to sent photos to you. I need to replant but am unsure of how deep I should plant them. Will it heal itself and where will the plant grow from now? List of species of southern African plants.

My Giant Bird Of Paradise

I have a massive bird of paradise bush on myy front porch. I live in the sunny part of San Francisco. It now has the leaves curling over ove and touching the floor except a few that I have tied up to a post. Hi Cindy Bird Of Paradise bloom better when kept slightly pot bound. Is there something I can do to help avoid this with the newer leaves? The other half is smushed up against our house. How can I plant the seeds to so if I can grow them.. My bush of the plant made seeds.

This works slower but the effects last longer. Strelitzia nicolai Scientific classification Kingdom: I bought a gallon size pot at Home Depot and split it in three main clumps to bring back. There is a lot of natural, but not direct, light in the room. In the cooler, darker months be sure to back off on the watering allowing it to dry out before doing it again. I barely remember to water it, but the bottom is all wet and mushy. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Strelitzia nicolai. I moved to Santa Barbara where you can find them everywhere. I am in southwest Florida giant bird of paradise plant the bop does giant bird of paradise plant, in this case to well. I waited almost 60 days for the last leaf to open before doing it myself.

Hi Lisa Happy to share! Hope you can tell me what to do. They are leggy with few smaller leaves on them.

This is where I celebrate all things garden and share my passion for plants, flowers and the great outdoors. I bought a gallon size pot at Home Depot and split it in three main clumps to bring back. But the flower died in less than a month.

Strelitzia nicolai - (Giant white bird of paradise)

I am keeping it outside in a planter, about 2 feet diameter, or a tiny bit more. I thought they lasted much longer?? Hi could you please tell me how to get rid of BOP as giant bird of paradise plant have it in front of a retaining wall and it is pushing it out. Will they burn in full sun or should they be partial shade for the summer than back to full sun for the cooler winter months?


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