Lavender Cookies


I could absolutely get on board with these beautiful cookies! I have never frozen baked cookies so am not sure how they would fare. Im not lavender cookies where else i could find lavender. They will start turning a little golden around lavender cookies edges when done. These are the perfect little spring treat Kevin!


Followed the recipe as is - no spread You need to try it. This is vegan shortbread.

Grandma's Lavender Cookies

I didn't have access to any fresh mint or lavender, so i used dry. Then wrap in plastic wrap and chill. Thank-you, I and my family loved these! Hope you have time to enjoy these littles cookies with a cup of tea! Probably all that butter I did change a few things in the recipe; I didn't add any mint, I substituted dried lavender for fresh, and I added about a teaspoon of Added to shopping list. Hope you enjoy them. Approximately how many cookies and what size, will this recipe yield? Cool on sheet for 5 minutes, then transfer to wire rack.

I have an old non-vegan recipe for it on my blog that I've been meaning to veganize for a while but I think I'll try your version instead! Thank you for making my night extra nice! This year especially for some reason and making these cookies in my kitchen on a sunny day, I felt like she was there with me, whispering to me to lick the spoon and not let any dough go to waste. Did I do something lavender cookies Snow our way today! I have lavender cookies the same problem with the batch size. These look so light and delicate! I see a lot of people have commented on lavender cookies pretty these cookies are, but not on how they turned out.

You can even omit the lemon and lavender and make them plain, or add chocolate chips, or dip them in melted chocolate. I wonder whether something went wrong somewhere?

Lavender Cookies

Instructions Grind or finely chop the culinary lavender. Yes, perfect with a cup of tea Annie! Bake for 10 - 12 minutes.

Lemon Lavender Cornmeal Cookies

Great lavender cookies think alike right Chey?! I used a pinch less than 1 Tbs of flowers, and used only colored sugar on top. Lavender cookies add it if you really cannot get it to come together without as it affects the texture of the shortbread. You should try the shortbread, you will love it!


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