Lavender Corn Snakes for Sale in the United States


Homozygous for Kastanie and selectively bred for appearance. Dilute was first discovered in the form of Dilute Anery Royal orchid plus, which are easiest to spot, and specimens not homozygous for Anery are still rather hard to come by as a result. The motley pattern serves to lighten and brighten the colors, with most adults turning out a very bright yellow. Already these are being utilized in creating new strains based on old themes that have proven quite distinctive and we are excited about lavender corn snake for sale future for them. Starting out as washed out looking red albinos, these quickly fade into what appears to be a purplish snow corn.

CORNSNAKE BREEDER (Room Tour + questions)

Ultra or Ultramel and Charcoal. Here's a unique new and potentially heritable mutation we're working with. Ghost Striped Cornsnake Pantherophis [Elaphe] g. Buf Bloodred Cornsnake Pantherophis [Elaphe] g.

Lavender Blood Red Corn Snakes

Others have described it as the colors are 'buried' under some layer. Coral Snow Corn Snake for sale Pantherophis guttata. Opal Tessera Cornsnake Pantherophis [Elaphe] g. Please see Live Arrival Guarantee page. Sorry but this item is out of stock. Normal Cornsnake for sale Pantherophis guttata. With the distinctive high-contrast patterning of the Miami Phase animals intensified by the addition of hypomelanism, they are absolutely stunning. A very new and uncommon pattern mutation as of this writing, and as yet unknown in many color combinations! Essentially a Blizzard corn, but we hope as they mature they will develop that incredible pink coloration found in our Strawberry Snows.

This double recessive animal is an almost solid gray in color, with only traces of pattern present. Motley Bloodred Cornsnake Pantherophis [Elaphe] g. Homozygous for Amelanism and Kastanie, two recessive mutations. Amel Cornsnake Pantherophis [Elaphe] g. Full-length stripes of yellow and cream with lavender corn snake for sale typical unmarked bellies luc belaire rose by striped corns. Homozygous for Dilute, a recessive mutation. Lavender Bloodred Corn Snake for sale Pantherophis guttata. The spectacular solid reds of the Bloodred are brightened to an intense solid red-orange, since Amelanism has removed all black pigmentation.

Homozygous for Charcoal and Sunkissed, two recessive mutations. Opal Cornsnake Pantherophis [Elaphe] g.

Peach Plasma Cornsnake Pantherophis [Elaphe] g. Granite Terrazzo Cornsnake Pantherophis [Elaphe] g. Tend to develop much more reddish and orangish pigmentation than typical Snow corns, although this varies.

All Corn Snake Morphs

Tessera Corn Snake for sale Pantherophis guttata. When Combined with Amel, the result is the astoundingly attractive Mandarin Corn! Interestingly, the ventrals are unaffected. Caramel Bloodreds are very new in the marketplace, and unfortunately the first efforts produced by other breeders were not very impressive specimens.


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