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There are a number of reasons that a business or homeowner would want to decorate their space with tall indoor plants. Dracaenas add a touch of elegance to any room of your home. Pothos are perfect for growing in hanging baskets, or just allowing the vines to cascade low light indoor plants a coffee table or bookshelf.

5 Low-Light Houseplants ?? // Garden Answer

Often sold under its botanic name, Spathiphyllum , peace lily grows inches tall and makes a relatively undemanding houseplant. Dracaenas add a touch of elegance to any room of your home. Most palms enjoy medium to high light.

5 Tall Indoor Plants

We are committed to enriching the work experience. About Ambius Ambius is the premier creator of ambiance for businesses. These gorgeous tropical plants feature a wide range of speckled or splotched leaves in either yellow-and-green or white-and-green. There are a few different varieties of spider plants, and all of them look gorgeous in hanging baskets or set atop a pedestal. Most palms enjoy medium to high light. I am also needing to repot my ponytail palm I loved your video! Palms like a well-drained soil and prefer to be pot-bound. Bromeliads grow their best in low light conditions, and they come in tons of different colors. Ficus enjoy direct sunlight as well bright, indirect light.

English ivy can be bothered by spider mites, so mist the plants often to prevent these pests from gaining a foothold. Over the past few years red Aglaonema has taken the houseplant world by storm. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. It has few insect or disease problems. They love filtered light to light shade and humidity to thrive. Lucky bamboo Commonly sold growing in vases of water, lucky bamboo are perfect indoor plants for low light rooms. Tips to caring for palms include: It can remain that way, only change the water weekly. Lucky Bamboo is a winner because low light indoor plants grows for the long low light indoor plants in water.

They come in a wide variety of patterns; even some new ones splashed with pink and red. Create a tropical getaway in your living room with Monstera deliciosa.

10 Easy Care Houseplants For Low Light

Even though low light indoor plants are some of the easiest houseplants to grow, it can still be difficult to keep them thriving during the dark winter months. Not only are dracaena fragrans good indoor plants for low light conditions, they are also beautiful, and are super low maintenance indoor plants too! Multiple site services Does your business have multiple locations? Whoever would like to be creative in terms of decorating with flowers has a multitude of green and ornamental flowers at his disposal which offer great color tones with colorful blossoms.


Arrowhead vines are good houseplants that need very little light. You can train a Hoya up a trellis low light indoor plants totem or allow it to trail over the edge of a pot or urn. Looking to add life to your office desk? Water the plants whenever the soil feels dry to the touch and keep it away from direct sunlight.


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