Types of Orchids


Cypripedium s are temperate lady slipper orchids that you can grow in the garden if you live in a temperate climate! The Zygopetalum orchid genus is unusual in having its tepals fused at the base, so that sepals fuse to the adjacent petals. Well, there are tall and short people, smart people and types of orchids with pictures people, introverts and extroverts, people with different skin colors, and people from different parts of the world.

15 Amazing Facts About Orchids

There are a great many hybrid varieties on the market. Many are pollinated by flies, and stink like dung or rotting carcasses, which is a great conversation starter and gives you bragging rights for putting up with it! Originally, this genus included all epiphytic orchids. Common colors include white and purple.

Miltoniopsis , the Pansy Orchid , has flowers that look a lot like a really big pansy, with attractive stripes on the labellum. Well, there are tall and short people, smart people and not-so-smart people, introverts and extroverts, people with different skin colors, and people from different parts of the world. They need cool temperatures to do well, and like a lot of humidity, but are otherwise quite easy to grow. The Coelogyne orchid genus gets a lot less attention than it deserves. The lip is modified into a water-filled bucket; bugs fall in, can't fly out, and must crawl past the column to escape. They are generally considered miniature orchids , as they look a lot like Vanda s, except smaller and brightly colored, with quite dense, erect flower stems. The most common type of orchid is probably the moth orchid, or the Phalaenopsis orchids. Lady Slipper Orchids is a catch-all term for a few types of orchids, typically referring to any plant in tribe Cypripedioideae , which includes the genera Cypripedium , Paphiopedilum , Phragmipedium , Mexipedium and Selenipedium.

They differ widely in appearance, but all have a single leaf emerging from the top of the pseudobulbflower stems coming from the bottom of the pseudobulb, and a hinged lip designed to tip insects against the column. Odontoglossum orchids mostly come from the Andes mountains, where they enjoy cool temperatures and high humidity. Care is similar types of orchids with pictures the related Catasetum orchids. The fowers are quite showy, and they are very easy to grow. Care is similar to Masdevallia and other cool-growing pleurothallids. They're also weird-looking enough types of orchids with pictures be interesting! There are three different varieties, distinguished by the colors of the leaves. Also, they are notoriously fragrant orchids.

However, there are a lot of fascinating orchids you really should not miss, so visit my other pages to learn more about those orchids. They rapidly grow into large specimens. Antelope Type Dendropbium Orchid.

When it bloomed, it created quite a stir! But most Cypripedium and Selenipedium are not plants for the beginner because they can be quite difficult to grow under cultivation unless you live in temperate regions with Cypripedium growing wildly in your back yard! The largest-flowered species in the genus, Coelogyne cristata , is one of these cool-growing types. Originally, this genus included all epiphytic orchids.

Identifying the Most Common Types of Orchids

They have very complex, beautiful flowers Even though they usually bloom only once or twice a year, their flowers can often last for two to three months. Barkeria orchids are very beautiful plants, most with purple flowers. The resulting sprays of flowers have a very dramatic appearance due to the large numbers of tepals pointing everywhere!


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