Egyptian Blue Lotus: Oils, Teas and More


This extract has a high content of active Lotus alkaloids Aporphine, Nuciferine. Very clean production process. Blue lotus Nymphaea caerulea.

BLUE LOTUS REVIEW (herbal series) Nymphaea Caerulea

We are dedicated to providing access to percent natural extracts with a commitment to sell only the highest-quality products, including blue lotus herb. The ancient Egyptians soaked the petals in wine for up to three weeks; therefore, when soaking in wine it is recommended that you let it set at least for a few hours then enjoy. We always have the herb for sale in a variety of forms.

Blue Lotus Extract

This is made to be a pleasan Health benefits may include: Oils, Teas and More Have you been searching high and low for somewhere to buy blue lotus? This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, More commonly, in the modern world, it is brewed into a tea or mixed into various co U can put vodka and flowers in blender too. Our blue lotus has bright blue color and has an inviting smell of fresh blue lily flowers. Add to a warm drink for a peaceful euphoria. Wonderful way to relax.

This product uses an extract and buy blue lotus not need to be used in alcohol. The adding of flavored herbal tea or lemon extract is used to sweeten the taste. This is a Very Sticky Powder. This product is a natural, high quality, shade-dried and finely grounded powder from theS buy blue lotus Blue Lotus Flower. U can put vodka and flowers in blender too. Are you looking for a natural remedy? Mild sedative, anti-anxiety, increased sexual desire, erectile function, digestive aid, stress reliever, sleep aid, calming euphoria. Blue Lotus is a powerful herb buy blue lotus for hundreds of years as a way to relax the body, relieve tension, and lower stress. Extract Organic Powder Nymphaea Caerulea. Our products always weigh the amount as described and you always get the product camellias flowers the pict

The Hemp Pipe blue lotus flowers and The Hemp Pipe blue lotus extract , flower - 2 gram sample -

Blue Lotus

Health benefits may include: Stimulating, relaxing, a sense of well being, euphoria, and reduced withdrawal symptoms. Also includes 2 grams of blue lotus extract!!

Blue Lotus - Smoke Review - Ep.2

Very clean production process. Then put the strained liquid in pot of water and bring to boil. This is the most potent part of the flower.


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