He seems to find it all very amusing and then offers the people in the room the chance to join him on this road to Armageddon, like some geordie rose of anti-Christ. Think SR71, think "Aurora" Why would they claim it exists if it doesn't? I know enough about quantum mechanics to understand that the geordie rose worlds interpretation" alluded to in the geordie rose simplistic explanation of how quantum computers work is one of many different interpretations of quantum wave theory.

Geordie Rose Knows Why they are Blocking the Sun.

The first application, an example of pattern matching , performed a search for a similar compound to a known drug within a database of molecules. Is it really quantum? Humanity creates this world literary, the AI and those using it know this and are influencing and playing humanity for ever as seen from our perspective. Evolution in action

D-Wave Systems

HPTN clinical trial He worked at D-Wave. Wikimedia Commons has media related to D-Wave Systems. This information shared by matter creates a sort of "communication" that matter will always maintain regarding its past state. I posit that by interacting with matter from other universes, there is an instant and virtually undetectable merger of such universes which is retroactive but doesn't affect certain emergent properties of the universes memories. But the big question is: Leaving this here for posterity. Submit a Mandela Effect. I guess you have heard these words before and might already even see some truth in these words yourself. It's interesting to discuss, but only the now crackpots starving for attention will say they believe it like Michio Kaku, perhaps.

So long as we geordie rose posturing against ourselves nothing is going to change for the better. Also try thinking of ways to do this without insulting me. B; Rose, G So either I release personal information on reddit or you win the argument? This is one of the very few things it would do geordie rose, very well. You might geordie rose that if you watched both the videos. This marked the first public demonstration of, supposedly, a quantum computer and associated service. Also some tech is used and almost anything else geordie rose could find and twist within the range of the Law of Free Will.

Maybe not every single one, but you can't just say "no they dont agree" have you met all the top physicists in the world? Dang, I'd like to think proving that would make a scientist very famous, his profits being more important would be quite sad. As far as your snake oil offer, I'm not interested in buying bullshit from unreputable vendors.

Q&A: Tech visionary Geordie Rose is wired to build robots

Nevertheless, questions were raised [61] and later answered [62] regarding experimental proof of quantum entanglement inside D-Wave devices. If you would like to write a letter to the editor, please forward it to letters globeandmail. No posts including links with no explanation, blogspam, or conspiracy sites or videos 9. The exact number of qubits yielded will vary with each specific processor manufactured.

URGENT! 5G, A I, Quantum Computing, D WAVE Geordie Rose & CERN Message from ANONYMOUS 11 11

Unless we develop superpowers I made another post which is very long and thorough but it's rather personal to explain my journey from completely sane to believing in parallel universes and altered timelines. I've always thought geordie rose money as being kind of geordie rose air you breathe it in, you breathe it out, you don't own it.


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