6 Easy Ways To Keep Your Orchids Alive


Use pots with drainage holes. What do I do when my phalaenopsis stops blooming? My orchid's buds are not opening, only drying and dropping.

Orchid Care Trick : How to Save Your Potted Orchid From Dying

If you only have a west-facing window, cover it with a sheer curtain to keep the orchids from getting burned. Mealybugs also attack the leaves and stems forming a white cottony mass. A hybrid seedling is an orchid plant that has been produced by seed through the hybridization process. Orchids do not flower more than once on the same stem, with the exception of the Phalaenopsis, or moth orchid.

Thanks for the great information in this article! Be sure to remove all dead roots that are usually dark-colored, soft and mushy. Clean the affected leaves with soapy water. Be sure to use an orchid food that is formulated for orchids and follow the label instructions. Tell us more about it? I live in a tropical weather zone, so the information was helpful to differentiate the optimum conditions for my plants. Leaving it could cause the orchid to outgrow the pot. These plants naturally grow on trees in the jungle.

Use a sterile cutting tool to cut away diseased leaves, stems, and flowers. PhalaenopsisVandaAscocenda. Do I care for this plant the same as the plain, green-leaved Paphiopedilum? Orchids need a lot of bright and indirect light, according to Westphoria. This can take up to a year or more, as Phalaenopsis, like most orchids, is a relatively slow-growing plant. My phalaenopsis has been in flower for quite a while and now it seems to be how to take care of orchid what looks like a new plant on the flower stem! If your plant is not currently in bloom, you should repot now. After cutting away the infected tissue, spray the orchid with a fungicide or bactericide, depending on what it is suffering from. If your orchids are in pots without drainage holes, repot them into new ones. The plant will frequently send out a new how to take care of orchid branch at that location.

Phalaenopsis will also develop flower spikes in response to a cool period of about four weeks with night temperatures of 55F. Center the plant with all of its roots down in the pot and add moistened bark until the level of the bark is just below the bottom of the lower set of leaves. Not Helpful 20 Helpful

Tips If the leaves of the orchid are leathery and wrinkled, but the roots are plump and green or white, you may be underwatering. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 4,, times. It may also help to move the plant to a larger pot.

Orchid Care Tips // Garden Answer

Should I just leave them on the parent plant? Yes, orchids do like a slight drop in temperature at night to help them bloom, but low humidity or too much sunlight may kill them. Thank you, this was very helpful.


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