Best Blue Flowers for Your Garden


Seeds and plants available online from Prairie FrontierSplendid Seeds and local nurseries. To 2 feet tall blue perennials wide Zones: Dwarf types, such as the 'Pearl Deep Blue' are good groundcovers.

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They provide wonderful fragrance, and are some of the best summer-blooming annuals and perennials. This Chinese species Cynoglossum amabile , called Blue Showers left , is not a true Forget-Me-Not, but flowers very similar to the real thing, and is much less expensive. The name Pansy also appears as a part of the common name for other Viola species that are wildflowers in Europe. Lobelia erinus is the annual variety.

Flowers can be deep blue to lavender. Blooms in mid Summer through early Fall with 3 feet spikes of electric blue flowers. This top-notch perennial flowers from June to frost, producing a nearly endless supply of violet-blue flowers. Salvia varieties have become garden champions for their heat and drought resistance, as well as the fact that even hungry deer and bunnies tend to leave them alone. Acid soils usually contain plenty of aluminum. Commonly known as Bachelor's Button, Cornflowers grow feet tall on bushy plants up to 1 foot wide. Lobelia erinus is the annual variety. Hardy in zones , bulbs must be planted in the Fall. The heart-shaped leaves are rather plain, so look for variegated selections, such as the one shown here, to increase the season of interest.

It is grown for the dark, glossy, strap-shaped leaves, and deep blue flowers. Long thought impossible, the creation of blue roses was masterminded by the Melbourne, Australia, Florigene biotechnology subsidiary of Blue perennials Ltd. Create contrast by planting a blue-flowering clematis with yellow rose such as 'Graham Thomas Climbing' or a white type such as 'Climbing Iceberg'. Copyright by Enchanted Gardens. They can grow up to 40" tall, and have swordlike leaves that grow in attractive fans. Grows as perennial in zones Not blue perennials blues are true blue. To blue perennials inches tall and 3 inches wide Zones:

These plants bear large, single or double flowers, and are slow to begin blooming. Amsonia tabernaemontana Growing Conditions: Available from Bluestone Perennials and Renee's Garden.

To 5 feet tall and wide, depending on type Zones: Scabiosa scay-bee-oh-suh make an excellent cut flower, are winter hardy in zones , and are a good choice for areas that don't receive a lot of water or care. Since they are less prevalent than white, pink and yellow flowers, blue flowers appeal to all gardeners.

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Most have starry or bell-shaped flowers in blue, violet, pink, or white. Stake taller delphinium varieties to keep the blue flowers from toppling over in the wind. The flowers appear in early summer blue perennials continue for weeks, growing from feet tall with an 18 inch spread.


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