25 Killer Ideas to Throw an Amazing Graduation Party


The ball is replaced by a water filled balloon. Make these oversized wood dominoes for a casual graduation gathering to keep guests entertained for hours. The leader must regularly change the rhythm and which body part they clap against. The guest with the most stickers when you call time must perform a forfeit.

Graduation Party Ideas: DIYs, Decor and More For 2018

Talk of the House. For example, the items could be a watch, baseball cap, brush, glasses, birthday card, photo, socks, medal, soft toy, toy and an item of jewelry. Break out the confetti for this colorful graduation year sign.

75 Graduation Party Ideas Your Grad Will Love

This fun-filled game is inexpensive and simple. Start with one couple on the dance floor. Play continues until there is one fish left. One of the good graduation party games for relaxing the pace a bit. The team that completes the task first wins. This bright tag would make a great addition to a favors bag. To make them look just like real diplomas, tie a ribbon around them. You can use more then one detail! Top them with off with traditional graduation caps. You then arrange 2 rows of people, one for boys and one for girls.

Create a garden on your graduation dessert table by using flower cookies and flower pot decorations. The person who remembers most correctly wins. They must then wait 1 minute before they write out what was on the tray. Onelove Photography ; Event Design By: The foot person places the feet in front of the stepper who must only walk on the card feet. Free PDF to print. To start throw a small pebble on to square one making sure it lands squarely inside the fun things to do at a graduation party. Use the filters below to help you discover fun graduation party ideas.

Give everyone a sheet with the hidden items listed or drawn for youngsters. The other team member feeds the sitting on the puree. Guests can touch the bag and feel the contents, without opening it, and then guess what the items are.

When you have great graduation party guests it can be excellent to have forfeits for losing party games. Design a party theme based on Dr. Everyone gets a prize.


Set up a table with paper, crayons, pencils and pens. You can use more then one detail! My Life at Playtime. Your Home Based Mom.


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