5 Best Cherry Blossom Festivals in Tokyo


To make your planning a little easier, here we gather information about the cherry blossom forecast for and made a list of the best cherry blossom spots in Japan. Business Hours Everyday This is one of the most famous and crowded spots for cherry blossom viewing in Japan.

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They are cited as a symbol of the transient nature of life. April 8 to April View more Tokyo Itineraries.

Everything you need to know about seeing cherry blossom in Japan

And they are sprinkled on Starbucks lattes. March 29 to April 5 Blooming start: Other factors influencing the blossoms appearance are the wind, rain, and temperature, which can make the blossoms appear either earlier or later than average and can lengthen or shorten the blooming season, making the cherry blossom forecast vary a little every year. The flowers are deeply symbolic: The main attraction of the festival is the m long Sakura avenue, which is lightened up beautifully at night. The trees are located behind the shrine's main building and reach the full bloom a little after the other cherry trees, so if you missed the main season by a few days, this spot is worth the try. The festival is held at Nakameguro shopping arcade and the surrounding area including Meguro River, which is one of best cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo with the gorgeous illuminated night cherry blossoms. T hey are swooned over during picnics.

We've noticed you're adblocking. Enjoy delicious lunch and dinner cherry blossom festival 2018 japan watching beautiful… jw-webmagazine. If you are planning a trip to Japan this spring, you may wanna check out these articles, too! Home News Sport Business. This tradition became very popular among tourists, who also wish to appreciate the exotic flowers while having a good time with friends. Today, as spring approaches, the entire nation turns a shade of pink. The blooms — often bell-shaped and a deeper pink than other regions — arrive mid-January, with viewing spots including the wild forested Yanbaru area in cherry blossom festival 2018 japan north of the main Okinawa island. Chiyoda Cherry Blossom Festival Chidorigafuchi.

Today, as spring approaches, the entire nation turns a shade of pink. They are so popular among tourists that thousands travel to Japan every year during the spring season to get a glimpse of the spectacle of the trees blooming with these pink or white flowers. Owner of a picturesque landscape, this pleasant and busy district on the western outskirts of Kyoto displays many cherry trees, which can be found by the Togetsukyo Bridge at the foot of Arashiyama mountains, especially in the riverside Nakanoshima Park.

It may be famed for its concrete and skyscrapers but also excels at maximising its hanami nature spots. April 5 to April 11 Blooming start: For this reason, the cherry blossoms open first in the southern area, almost always beginning at Okinawa, and the blooming progresses towards the north. April 29 to May 4 Blooming start:

What are cherry blossoms REALLY like in Tokyo, Japan?

Tetsugakunomichi Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto See map. April 1 to April 7 Blooming start: Now that you when to visit Japan to experience the most of the cherry blossom viewing, all there is left to do is decide where to go. Tokyo Rainy 1 day itinerary.


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