Growing Begonias The Showy Houseplant with Amazing Flowers and Leaves


The cultivar ' Kimjongilia ' is a floral emblem of North Korea. On the edibility of begonias. Most begonias are sour to the taste, begonias flowers some people in some areas eat them. The leaves begonias flowers begonias have almost as much interest as the flowers do. Both types of begonias come in a wide variety of colors from white through to pink, purple, yellow and red.

BEGONIA PLANT CARE, How to Grow and Propagate Begonia Cuttings - Garden Tips in English

Let them dry out and store them in a cool place covered in peat moss until you are ready to plant again in the spring. It will nurture both the leaves and the flowers. They need a reasonable amount of light. I have a screened in patio with a drip system of sprayers. The white lines in the photo below show where to make cuts and the pink lines show what to discard.

If they do not, then the term 'marginata' is used, but sometimes these terms are used simultaneously. Any sun they may get would be early morning. The plants are always large, but the flowers are disappointing. Views Read Edit View history. Although most Begonia species are tropical or subtropical in origin, the Chinese species B. Retrieved from " https: The fact that begonias like shade outdoors makes them ideal for growing inside. Because of their humidity needs, begonias are ideal for growing indoors in terrariums. Tuberous begonias are frequently used as container plants. Bedding begonias are more commonly found and quite easy to grow.

Begonias grown from tubers are more tolerant indoors and grow into larger plants. The common outdoor type of begonia also called Ice Begonias have glossy, small leaves. On the edibility of begonias. In general, begonias require a well-drained growing medium that is neither constantly wet nor allowed to dry out completely. A time release fertilizer or liquid fertilizer for flowering plants is the best. A recent group of hybrids derived from this group is marketed as "Dragonwing" begonias; they begonias flowers much larger both in leaf and in flower. In order begonias flowers post begonias flowers, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Some are grown from seeds and the others are grown from tubers. Retrieved 12 June

The right humidity and good airflow is essential to maintaining healthy plants. Begonia Cucurbitales genera Garden plants. Begonias like the heat both indoors and out.

Some species are commonly grown indoors as ornamental houseplants in cooler climates. During this dormant period, the tubers can be stored in a cool, dry place. Section Quadrilobaria pro parte.

How to plant Begonias

Begonia coccinea Begonia foliosa Begonia grandis Dryand. Many are straight edges and others begonias flowers frilly. Because of their sometimes showy flowers of white, begonias flowers, scarlet, or yellow color and often attractively marked leaves, many species and innumerable hybrids and cultivars are cultivated. Over fertilizing can also cause the plant to grow foliage instead of flowers.


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