The Only Shrubs You Need to Grow


Dense habit with branches that reach to the ground. Boxwoods are the unsung hero of beautiful front yard landscaping. Splash some color into garden beds with the striking leaves of coral bells.

How To Start A Flower Garden In Your Front Yard

Get the latest This Old House news, updates and special offers every week, direct to your inbox. Check out 23 of our top picks for flowering shrubs you can use in place of basic green hedges. Plantings that ring the base of your home should do more than just conceal the foundation. Potentilla fruticosa Growing Conditions:

Best Foundation Plants for Stellar Curb Appeal

Growing up to 15 feet tall and wide, you can keep purple smoke bushes in check by cutting them back hard each spring after the first leaves break out. Fix Now, Save Later. Full sun to part shade; moist, well-drained soil Size: When it comes to foliage, variegated plants always top my list. Sometimes used as a holistic treatment for coughs and colds, thyme tea can be sweetened with honey. Most azaleas are deciduous and have smaller leaves than rhododendrons. Blossoms beckon butterflies and bees. It will grow up to 10 feet tall and wide, but you can prune back the old stems in early spring to encourage more red growth for winter. Although it grows best in moist soil, it tolerates drought well. To 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide Zones:

Their evergreen, aromatic, glossy leaves make skimmias well worth growing. You can also lift and transplant young seedlings that form around the base of the mother plant. Also known as blue-mist spirea, bluebeard is a late-season bloomer with powder-puff blue, pink, or purple flowers on compact plants with gray-green foliage. Japanese skimmias Skimmia japonica and cvs. The flower bushes for front of house golden blooms of forsythia are practically super market flowers with spring in much of the country. This Mediterranean herb packs perfume into purple blossoms and silvery leaves. Japanese skimmias are another group of shrubs with attractive foliage. These are very MN hardy and the only deciduous landscaping plants that remain green all winter long. Video How to preserve and store carrots. Deutzia selections Growing Conditions:

Now trending on TOH. Both sport fragrant white, pink, or red blooms, but only the females produce berries.

Best Flowering Shrubs for Hedges

These 4-inch-wide blooms of white petals with yellow centers appear from mid summer to early fall and need no staking, thanks to ridged stems. Its dark green leaves turn yellow-orange, reddish-purple, and crimson in the fall. Try These Plants and Groundcovers 15 Photos. Weigela's red or pink trumpet-shape blooms are popular with hummingbirds.

Small garden bushes

Nepeta racemosa 'Walker's Low' Tall spikes of tiny blue or purple flowers that are best clumped together for a punch of color. Also known as Lily of the Nile, this beautiful flower features a deep green fleshy leaf and intense, purplish-blue flowers. Slender Deutzia is a mound of slender, flower-filled branches.


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