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Silver sage Salvia argentea E. Other flowers that have a similar eye-catching deep blue include species of bellflower and speedwell. It may be a window box, but it is anything flower pot arrangement ideas boxed in. It combines a burst of daffodils with bold hues and fragrant seasonal blooms for colorful containers that keep on giving. A similar height, the Japanese Roof Iris—so named because it was popular to plant this on cottage roofs in the island nation, brings a gorgeous violet-and-white flower to this container delight.

4 Amazing planter ideas from waste plastic bottles /unique planter ideas /DIY Plant pots

Tonally, these bolt towards the warm end of the color spectrum, and are rich with deep oranges and yellows, tempered by touches of white throughout. Bright shades of yellow catch the eye, even across the yard, in this sunny container for gardening. This container is as sensual as it is beautiful, creating a multisensory sensation. Pair those shapes with tight clusters of lantana flowers and you get an incredibly intriguing arrangement of visual exhilaration dressed up as a simple gardening idea.

122 Container Gardening Ideas

Instead, these beautiful low-growing Hen and Chicks plants fill this vintage metal planter. You can add charm to this incredible space with hanging ferns—a quintessential feature for any Southern porch. Mandevillas can thrive in containers—as with the one pictured, which twines its way through the railing on a rooftop deck. The one on the porch is both monogrammed and bursting with fern plants, most likely Boston fern or hay-scented fern. Creeping thyme Thymus spp. For even more rustic, Southern-inspired charm, try suspending this arrangement on a branch. There are four pots of the same flowers, and each pot has one of the house numbers painted on it. Learn the secrets to a successful succulent container. Here, three ceramic containers in a subtle shade of turquoise hold a variety of beautiful plants. Don't be intimidated if you don't have full sun.

A beautiful window box container garden can be simple or complex. If you are planning on planting several different container garden features, consider choosing separate planters for each, or choose a single planter to flower pot arrangement ideas a sense of harmony. A 1-inch-deep layer of pea gravel in the bottom of the container facilitates drainage. Ours is weathered, and it will only patina further over time. This high-drama, low-maintenance container spotlights 'Variegated Spreading Salmon' SunPatiens, but leaves room for a foxtail asparagus fern and a 6-inch pot of 'Neon' flower pot arrangement ideas. This is a beautiful study in hard and soft elements in container garden design. Paint them blue and yellow, sit them down on concrete blocks near the door, and plant their heads with the flower of the hour, be in chrysanthemums or flower pot arrangement ideas. This succulent garden is a perfect example of having individual plantings in single containers, allowing each to reflect its unique leaf shape and form complemented by the architecture of the container.

One of the beauties of container gardening is the ability to create visual variety. The one on the porch is both monogrammed and bursting with fern plants, most likely Boston fern or hay-scented fern.

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The purple fountain grass blooms in summer, and can continue blooming into fall, giving this container wonder from season to season. Use contrasting colors to create drama in your container for gardening. Helichrysum petiolare 'Lemon Licorice'.

4 Amazing planter ideas from waste plastic bottles /unique planter ideas /DIY Plant pots

Flowers can include yellow mums, ornamental kale, purple sage flowers, red or orange berries from the viburnum or the bittersweet and a bit of moss. The blazing red flower pot arrangement ideas the flowers contrasts with everything else. This planting grows best in sun or part shade.


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